February 25, 2011,

Scriply keeps growing, and we are excited to see so many new faces! One of the things that we see as the community grows is many approaches on how to blog the Bible. Here are few of the most popular. 

One way to blog is from a personal perspective. These posts are usually in response to scripture or Biblical teaching and give a personal reflection on what they have learned. This is an excellent method and creates very interesting content. People love to read other people's stories. It is even better when personal stories can be used to share the Word.

This is another great way to blog and teach the Bible. This method essentially chooses a passage of scripture and beings to break it down through research and personal response. The key with this method is that it starts with a passage of scripture and then develops into life application. This is, personally, my favorite way to learn about the Bible, so it is great to see so many of you using this method. 

The third type of blogging method is topical. This method takes a particular subject and expounds on it with personal reflection and Bible verses. This is a very popular way to learn about scripture and certainly makes a lot of sense for a blog. 

All of these methods are great ways to blog and share the Scriptures. We love seeing the variety.
Are there any other ways to blog an share scripture that I missed?
Which category do you best fit into?
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